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I engaged UX Designer Finder with hopes of getting a job opportunity that would allow me to expand my skills as a UX designer. I was matched with a great company where I am exposed to exciting challenges and also able to provide valuable input to improve the product. Getting the right match in a company can be challenging, and UX Designer Finder made this seamless for me. I would recommend UX Designer Finder to any UX designer looking to find a perfect place to work.

Adedoyin Okunade

UX Designer, Freelancer

The world needs great design. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of applications being built and rebuilt all the time, and a big missing piece is UX. If you have UX skills, understand design thinking, and a sharp eye for design, the world needs you.

We are looking for designers with a portfolio in UX to help companies across the world. From apps to manufacturing and healthcare software systems and from contract or freelance work to full time jobs, we can send you a steady stream of work.

If your are:

  • A great UX designer with a portfolio, either from your years of work or from portfolio school.
  • Confident in working independently and can manage work without lots of oversight.
  • Communicative – You know how to take your customers ideas and turn them into reality, and also know when their ideas need to be modified.
  • Punctual – Deadlines are more than important, they are critical to you.
  • Proud of your work – you’ve done great work and want to keep doing more.

Benefits of working with UX Designer Finder

Good pay for good work. We’re not looking for someone to work for pennies. We know the value of great design and we will ensure we will match you with people that have a good understanding of how long UX design takes and the value of that work.

Ongoing, regular work. Whether you’re looking for ongoing freelance or contract work or a full-time job, we can get you connected. We want you to have meaningful employment and ongoing work whether you’re working with us ongoing or you’re employed by one of our customers.

A team of experienced designers. Most of our team has been working in UX for more than 10 years and we can get you connected to the right projects, or just help you along your way. We are always interested in talking to designers to help them grow.

Learn new skills. We get requests for a lot of different kinds of design, outside of UX, and if you’re looking to grow in areas like graphic design, print design, motion graphics, sound, and more, we can often connect you to people are looking for this kind of work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does UX Designer Finder Take Any Of My Pay?

No. We just connect you to the people looking for UX designers, that’s it. After we connect you, it’s up to you how you send invoices, what software you use, how you do business, etc. We just connect you, that’s it. If you want to work with the clients we connect you with, then that too is up to you.

What happens if I don’t want to work with the client you send me?

Once we have connected you to a client and you have taken the project, working with the client is your responsibility. We do not give recommendations on how to deal with clients after you have accepted work with them.

Can you help me with a project?

If you have a question about how to do work on a project, we can connect you to another designer with whom you can chat. But UX Designer Finder is not responsible for working on projects with you. If a project is too big or complex for you, then you can let us know and we can help find additional designers to assist the client on the project.